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Welcome to Blaze Apps, Web Community
The application is a suite of web services, including, Forums, Blogs, Galleries, Events, Polls, News, Private Messaging, and Content Managment (CMS). Initially it started out as a knowledge base system, but slowly grew to a Web Community application and providing many features.

The are more things planned for the application and we hope that you find the Web Community useful and easy to use.

Please place all issues concerning the release in the Blaze Apps Discussion forums.

Do not hesitate to provide feedback, suggestions, bugs, and so on about this release. The more information received, the better we can make the application.

Please visit the Features page to see the features available.

Parent Site - SQL Express 2005 Based
Please go to Blaze Apps to see the SQL Express 2005 version of the application in use. Register and try it out for yourself.

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